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It's even easier to do business with Allianz with ApplyNOW - a new way to submit fixed life & index annuity (FIA) business electronically.

AIG Quick Ticket

Quicker Application - Quicker Exam - Quicker Commission!

American National ExpertScan


Training & FAQ's

Americo eApp

Designed for touch screen devices, available 24/7, quick underwriting decision displayed on screen & no phone call. To access Sales Connection, you will need to create an account at www.americo.com

Assurity E-app

The E-app is available on AssureLINK at https://assurelink.assurity.com Click on “Quick Links” in the upper right corner.


Baltimore Life

INSpeed Automated Underwriting Call Center for Home Secure and Silver Guard & Telephone Verification Interview for Silver Guard Paper Applications
Toll-free: 888-252-3277
Hours: Mon. - Fri. 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Point of Sale Underwriting Call Center for SPWL, Generation Legacy and Home Secure
Toll-free: 888-368-9678
Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m., Fri. 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Brighthouse (MetLife)

Brighthouse will conduct a 20-40 minute interview with the client.

Brighthouse Tele-Application

Fidelity Life Rapid App

Rapid App is Fidelity's online application system that allows you to sell without being physically present with the customer. You can pre-qualify, quote multiple coverage options, submit the application and collect an electronic signature.

Demo username: demoagent
Demo password: life

Foresters e-App

Use Foresters e-App to make applying even easier. You can submit non-med term, whole life (excluding PlanRight) and universal life business on-line -- simply, quickly and easily. Just go to the producer website and click on Foresters e-application on the right-hand side of the page. e-App is not available for medical products, PlanRight, Your Legacy or Prepared. e-App enhancement now available! The Proposed Insured, Owner and Payers can be different on Term, SMART UL and Advantage Plus (non-med and medical) e-Apps!

Forethought – SnapApp

Forethought SnapApp allows you to submit Income 150+ fixed index annuity applications online. Log into your Independent Agent Account and select the SnapApp button at the top of the page. A notice will appear that you are leaving the Forethought website; select Agree to proceed. It's just one more way Forethought is making it easier!

Gerber Life

From the Gerber Life home dashboard, click on Start A Quote; at the end you will be able to submit the app electronically.

Producer Website

Great American – eBusiness

Save time with Great American's new eBusiness platform. Submitting new business electronically is a safe & simple way to get policies issued faster. From the login homepage, select Submit Business/Get Started. Select Electronic Business to get started or select Upload Paperwork to securely upload scanned paperwork. The eBusiness platform includes an e-signature feature for added convenience. A "wet" signature is required for all transfer/replacement paperwork.

Producer Website

Great Western – E-Application

The most effective way to enroll your customers in GWIC’s Final Expense products is by using MyEnroller, electronic quoting and application tool. To download MyEnroller, log in to the GWIC agent website and click on “Final Expense E-Application (MyEnroller)” from the top tool bar menu.

Illinois Mutual – WebApp

From the homepage, click on Prospects/Illustrations tab. You must run an illustration to proceed to submitting the eapp.

Producer Website

Integrity Life – eApplication

Click on the eApplication button at the top of the homepage.

Producer Website

John Hancock e-App

Now available for all single life UL products! The easy-to-understand e-App wizard screens walk you through the application. Required forms are automatically included, creating an "in good order" submission.

Kemper – eapp

First app can be submitted online. From the homepage, click on the Policy Applications button or from the Start a new workflow dropdown, choose Policy Application.

Agent Login

Lafayette e-Application

Take, sign & submit an electronic application with a click of a button.  Log on to the agent website and select the "Illustration & e-Application" icon.  Choose the green "Launch Online Version" button and select the "Application" button to begin.

Legal & General America

Submit a Banner or William Penn Request for Life Insurance (RLI) online. The formal application, APS, Exam and related forms are completed via telephone interview by LGA's call center.

Brokers who use IBN's unique links do not have to be pre-appointed with Banner.
William Penn
Appointed agents have the ability to drop a ticket through the website. From the blue menu bar on the left they would select My Business then New Ticket.

Liberty Bankers Life

Once the worksheet is complete and disclosures are read, the agent will make the call to DIMA (800-604-6844) to initiate the Point of Sale Telephone Interview (POSTI) for an instant underwriting decision AND application paperwork completion. Information from the worksheet, and Child//Grandchild Supp App (if applicable) will be required during this interview from the agent.

Final Expense Instructions and Worksheet

Lincoln Financial

Lincoln rolled out a unified app on February 11th, 2019. The application will be the same for all term, GUL, IUL, and VUL products. This includes paper app, e-app, e-ticket, and paper ticket submission methods (for ticket submission, the tele-app that’s completed will be the same across products). In addition, and because of this new unified app, Lincoln will be able to expand their automated underwriting to include all Life Elements plans as well as LincXpress. They plan to expand the automated underwriting to all single-life UL, IUL and VUL products sometime in Q2.

The link below can only be used to submit term tickets for TermAccel and LifeElements; agents do not need to have an agent code prior to submitting a ticket. At the beginning of the ticket, there is an agent validation step. If the agent is not yet appointed, they will get an error message. They will then need to click on the Contact Lincoln Financial button, then enter the requested information in the pop-up window that opens, and Submit. Once the information on the pop-up window has been submitted, the Next button will be enabled on the License and Appointment Check page, and the agent will be able to proceed with the ticket.

To submit other products (GUL & IUL) prior to having an agent code: Use the link below to register. Choose "Other" for affiliation. NOTE: contracting paperwork must be submitted no later than same day.

Minnesota Life – Quick eApp

Click on the eApp icon under Quick Links on the homepage. Minnesota Life will facilitate the ordering of requirements including APS, if required. eApp is required for all Term & Whole Life contracts under $250K. Save time with one appointment instead of two with eParamed! It is recommended that the agents wait for their agent code to use eapp. It takes 24-72 hours before the agent can register on Minnesota Life's website after receiving their welcome email. However, they can enter "pending" for the agent code and register. Minnesota Life will hold the business and match it up to the contract, once approved.

Quick eApp Support Team: 800-362-3141 or 800-328-6124

Agent Login

Nassau Re (Phoenix)

To access, click on eApp from the Quick Links section on the homepage than Click the blue box to Launch eApp.

Technical support: 888-794-4447, Opt. 1

Agent Login

Mutual/United of Omaha

Select Electronic Application from Sales Tools on the left side of the homepage. Available for use with Term Life Answers, Term Life Express, Living Promise Whole Life, Children’s Whole Life and Guaranteed Advantage

Tech Support Team: 402-351-4575

Agent Login

National Guardian

From the homepage, click on Electronic Application Kit under Quick Links. Select Product, packet and state>Generate Packet. Download all files as Single PDF. Fill out the PDF and save to your computer. (Please note: you will not be able to fill out the SSN. DOB or payments information during this step.) Upload the file to NGL by select Upload Packet at the top of the screen. Complete all information listed on this screen (including SSN, DOB and payment info) and click submit.

Agent Login

National Life Group (LSW)

From the homepage, click on iGO e-App from Business Tools on the left side of the screen.

Agent Login

National Western – LifeApply

Access the Firelight eApplication platform now from the MyNWL homepage to get started.

Agent Login

Nationwide e-App

Access the iPipeline eApplication platform from theNationwide homepage. Select Products from the top toolbar, then Forms>Life>iPipeline e-application to get started.

Agent Login

North American – SimpleSubmit

North American's SimpleSubmit e-app, powered by iPipeline's iGO® e-app is your solution for a quick and complete application process for virtually all of your North American business! To access, click the SimpleSubmit eApp icon from North American's homepage.

iPipeline Support: 800-641-6557

One America/State Life

To access, select My Business from the top toolbar, then Online Submission. Click Application Submission to get started.

Agent Login


To access Drop Ticket & E-App, select New Business from the top toolbar, then Submit Business. Click Life Insurance to get started.

Agent Login


E-Apps are submitted through Apptical's LiveApp portal. The login credentials are given in the agent's welcome email. Log in, select New Application from the menu at the top, then Prosperity, and New Vista E-app. Agents will see a note in RED that confirms this is for a face to face sale, not to be confused with New Vista Voice which is for telesales. Answer each question and click “Next.” Google Chrome is recommended for the E-App.



Protective Life EZ-App is designed to allow agents to submit life insurance applications to Protective Life via a paperless process. The EZ-App process allows business to be submitted more quickly and efficiently, reducing redundancies and requiring less effort on your part. Click the EZ-App link from the Quick Access box on Protective's homepage. Use Original EZ-App to submit Protective Indexed Choice UL, ProClassic II UL, and Protective ProClassic UL. Use Enhanced EZ-App to submit Protective Classic Choice Term, Protective Custom Choice UL (10-30), and Protective Advantage Choice UL.

Producer Login


Once logged into www.pruexpress.comprunewbusiness@prudential.com , click the Place New Business tab, then select Launch New Policy Online to start a new case. The client will receive a call within 48 hours to complete the Part II and schedule the paramed.

Producer Login


Once logged into Sagicor Life, click the ILLUSTRATION / EAPP button to start a new case.

Producer Login

Sentinel Security Life eapp

Once logged into Sentinel's website, click Electronic Application from the Agent's Menu on the homepage. Select the Application Type/Product then click the Start Electronic Application button to get started.

Producer Login


From the login homepage, select Submit Quote & Apply from the Quick Links. First build the quote and then submit the app.

Producer Login


Express Quote & Apply available for income annuities, fixed annuities, SPL & Term life. From the homepage, select Express Quote & Apply tools

Producer Login


From the homepage, select IGO eApp from the left side menu. Hosted by iPipeline, iGO e-App, is an intelligent, fillable form that enables independent producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% in-good-order submissions. With e-Signature and e-Submit, producers can leverage straight-through processing to accelerate underwriting and policy issuance. Benefits

Producer Login

United Home Life

From the homepage, select e-App Home from the left side menu.

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